Printing art for advertisement


Packaging plays a role of a marketing tool, stimulating clients with its look and marketing message to buy the product. That is why it has to emphasize the nature of the product, make it stand out from the competition, protect from the effects of external factors. The biggest construction and marketing possibilities are given by cardboard packaging. If you want your product to be more visible, trust our experience gained for almost 20 years.  Your product deserves the right visuals, that combine quality and affordability.

Enormous amounts, unusual solutions? We will take on any challenge! Let your advertisement be efficient and interesting! Surprise your client! We will make:

  • catalogues
  • folders

(Wide range of fine paper, improved with film and usage of various lacquers give us amazing possibilities of increasing aesthetic qualities of the catalogues, emphasize their content.)

  • displays
  • stands
  • POSM

(Three-dimensional advertisement of your product directly at the shop ? distinguishes your product from the competition.)

  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • document folders

(Comprehensive supply for your company of materials necessary for creating its consistent image.)

  • advertising posters

(Do you need to quickly reach a greater amount of viewers for your advertisement? There?s nothing better than an eye-catching, interesting and unconventional, large format poster.) 

  • wall calendars
  • two month or three month calendars

(You can combine your advertisement with an element that is useful to your clients ? a calendar, be with them all year long.)

  • carry bags

(Let your product be visible, not only in the shop.)