Laminated packaging

Packaging plays a role of a marketing tool, stimulating clients with its look and marketing message to buy the product. That is why it has to emphasize the nature of the product, make it stand out from the competition, protect from the effects of external factors. The biggest construction and marketing possibilities are given by cardboard packaging. If you want your product to be more visible, trust our experience gained for almost 20 years.  Your product deserves the right visuals, that combine quality and affordability.


Laminated packaging combines three basic characteristics of ?good? packaging: high aesthetic qualities, thanks to high quality offset printing, wide range of construction possibilities and substantial strength, that greatly influences the product?s protection from mechanical damage. During the laminating process, we usually use corrugated fiberboard type: E, B, C, BC, EB. When it comes to the veneer, we offer a wide range of coated paper, uncoated paper and fine paper, depending on the needs of the client.

The printing may be enriched with varnish, film, hot-stamping, stamping. Packages of this type are used in industries such as:

  • automotive
  • household appliances
  • footwear
  • food
  • gardening
  • ceramic